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Shipping & Payments

We’ll get your stuff to us safely, and pay you quickly.

Shipping Options

Cutomized precious metal shipping containers
Pre-paid FedEx shipping labels

Whether you’re shipping a few coins or years of bench sweeps, we’re here to help with your precious metal shipping needs.

  • We’ll send you customized secure shipping containers
  • We’ll make sure you have a prepaid FedEx shipping label
  • We’ll even send a Brinks truck for high volume shipments

If we can’t come up with a better shipping option, our President, Sheldon will come to you and pick it up. Seriously.

Payment Options

Gold coins on grain
Silver bullion

We understand the unique nature of our industry requires fast, flexible payment options.

  • Payment for karat scrap within 24 hours of receipt
  • Check, wire, bullion, or casting grain
  • Consignment into a “pool account“ for future pricing

Others may pay in a few hours, but they are not paying on fire assay results. Accuracy means more money in your pocket.

Ready to Ship? Download our Refining Form (PDF)