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Welcome to PMRS

A boutique refinery specializing in high-volume customers, fire assay, and fast settlements.

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Pouring gold
Pouring gold
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9 Reasons to Choose PMRS


We have the fastest full payment in the business

You’ll receive full payment on all metals in as little as 24 hours.


We pay you more for your precious metal

Our returns are literally the best in the business.


We evaluate your precious metals using fire assay

It’s accurate on gold metal to 1 part per 1,000. Plus, it’s fire!


We extract more precious metal from your material

Our techniques are so sweet, your stuff won’t know what hit it.


We respect the environment

All of our refining is eco-friendly. And we like dolphins too.


We don’t charge assay fees or for stone removal

And we also don’t have treatment charges or lot charges.


We offer free, safe, secure shipping

We’ll cover the cost of FedEx or arrange for an armored car.


We take customer service very seriously

You can expect a genuine 1-to-1 relationship.


We are not a “middle-man”

We act small, but we’re large enough to offer you a higher return.


Ready to get started?

Call us at (800) 323-9785, send an email, or grab our refining form.

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